Hot Pepper Garden – Update – 9/2/2015

The little can with the Trinidad Scorpion pepper seeds in it finally sprouted. I had this thing outside for nearly two weeks with no activity then all of a sudden this little guy showed up. There was another seedling that sprouted up as well but it was apparently not as strong as this guy and it shrank and looks to have died off. I plan on transplanting this little guy to a new home where he can grow a lot bigger over time.

This is the first Ghost pepper to sprout on my plant. I got this plant at Home Depot as one of the first plants in my garden. As you can see there is some trouble afoot as the leaves seem to have been chewed up a bit.

This little guy was the culprit of the leave being chewed up. He may look cute, but he can pretty much devour a whole plant in about a day. These Horn Worms hatch and then devour anything green in sight. I pulled him off the plant and then began a search for more. I ended up finding about 10 of these Horn Worms in various sizes, I promptly pulled them off my plants and put them in a different location where they could no longer get at my plants. I have now made checking for Horn Worms part of my daily watering routine.

  Posted by Jason Snodgrass in Hot Peppers on September 2, 2015

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